Monday, December 7, 2009

13th December, 2009 - Waterfront (18kms)

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The Run this week....

We meet this week at the Waterfront at 7:00. Our usual meeting spot has been turned into paid parking so we suggest you park on the road above.

Starting from the gravel car park (see below for directions), the Waterfront Run takes you along the coast to Camps Bay, with stops at Moullie Point, President's Beach, and Camps Bay High School. It then climbs up the high road, giving you superb views of the coast before dropping down again at Sea Point Pavilion, and returning along the coast road to the Waterfront. A very pleasant out and back 18 kms, with turn back points at 6 and 12 kms for those taking it easy.


For those that don't know, we normally meet in the gravel car park next to the circle where Granger Street and Granger Bay meet. Apparently this is being turned into paid parking. We might therefore meet & park at the intersection of Beach Road and Granger Street. For those lucky to have got a GPS for Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc - this is for you -33.902985, 18.416884 for the rest of you, here is a map

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